Writs is conceived with a simple aim to provide affordable and quality study materials to the student community. The first book by Writs is the Writs’ Guide to Kerala Law Entrance. It is an exclusive study guide for helping all the law aspiring students in preparing for the LL. B. Kerala Law Entrance Examination.


The first edition of the book was launched on 27th March 2021. It was listed in Amazon India and became the Best Selling Law Entrance Guide within 72 days. On the 81st day since the book was launched, the book was completely sold out.



On 6th June 2021, we conducted the first Free Mega Online Mock Test. 527 students participated and gave us a rating average of 99.4% for the way we had conducted the test.

Crash Course

Thereafter 3 official Mock Tests and a 3-day Crash course were also offered as our service. All the participants found the classes and the mock tests useful for their preparations.

100% Customer Satisfaction

In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 100% of the respondents said that they would recommend Writs to all their KLEE aspiring friends.


We aim to provide you with the best quality preparation materials at a highly reasonable and affordable price. We intend to provide you with a comprehensive guide that can immensely help you in your exam preparations. We take great care in including only those information in the guide that is relevant from an exam-oriented view. That is the reason why, Writs’ Guides are simple, concise and easy to understand. 


Our mission is to become the largest provider of quality study materials and associated services that are easily accessible to the student community. Knowledge is getting expensive day by day. We are on our way to build a huge community that would make reliable knowledge affordable. 


Ajay R

Ajay Ratnan

Ajay embarked on his legal education journey in 2013, distinguishing himself early on by securing the 19th rank in the Kerala LL.B. Entrance Examination and earning a place at the prestigious Government Law College, Kozhikode. During his collegiate years, he, alongside his peers, authored 13 comprehensive study notes on a variety of legal subjects. These notes have stood the test of time and continue to serve as valuable academic resources for law students across Kerala.

Ajay’s academic excellence didn’t stop there. He went on to achieve remarkable success in various LL.M. entrance examinations, including securing the 1st rank at the Inter University Centre for Intellectual Property Studies (CUSAT), 2nd rank at the School of Legal Studies (CUSAT), 3rd rank at Kerala University, and 24th rank at Delhi University. His dedication and hard work culminated in completing his 2-year LL.M. program from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, where he graduated with the second rank.

Following his academic achievements, Ajay transitioned into an educational role, serving as an Assistant Professor of Law (Guest Faculty) at the Government Law College, Kozhikode. In November 2022, he further embellished his credentials by qualifying for the UGC Junior Research Fellowship (JRF).

Ajay has also lent his expertise as a visiting faculty member at premier institutions like the FIMS, where he had taught Business Laws, and the Kerala Police Academy, where his focus is on Criminal Laws. As a founding member of our team, Ajay brings a wealth of knowledge, a passion for teaching, and a dedication to legal education that inspires both colleagues and students alike.

A1 Mashood K_

Mashood Kunnatheeri

Mashood, a distinguished alumnus of the Government Law College, Kozhikode, embarked on his legal journey in 2017 by achieving an impressive 66th rank in the Kerala Law Entrance Examination. During his tenure at the college, he was an integral part of the academic community, serving diligently as the Secretary for both the Moot Club Society and the Placement Cell. His commitment to the legal field was further exemplified through his active participation in numerous local and national moot court competitions.

Upon completing his LL.B., Mashood gained valuable experience working with a leading U.S.-based corporate firm, where he honed his legal expertise. In addition to his professional accomplishments, he has dedicated three years to mentoring aspiring law students, teaching various law subjects to help them succeed in entrance examinations.

Now, as a founder of our organization, Mashood brings a unique blend of practical experience and academic dedication. He continues to inspire and guide through his role as a trainer in various academic initiatives, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the legal profession and education.

Navaneeth P

Navaneeth Pavithran

Navaneeth, a dynamic business consultant and trademark expert, boasts an illustrious academic background with a law degree from Government Law College, Kozhikode, obtained in 2018. His leadership qualities shone brightly during his college years, where he served with distinction as Secretary of the Moot Club Society and University Councillor for GLCK, orchestrating a variety of legal competitions that spanned both local and national levels, across intracollegiate and intercollegiate arenas.

Beyond the realm of academia and professional practice, Navaneeth has carved out a significant presence on social media. Known as “Lawyer Bro” on Instagram, he enjoys a formidable following of 800,000 across his English and Malayalam profiles. Through his engaging and educational content, he demystifies complex legal concepts, making them accessible to the general public. His prowess as a communicator further extends to the stage as a TEDx speaker and to the airwaves as an RJ for Radio Mirchi, where he hosts Kerala’s pioneering law-related radio show.

Navaneeth’s passion for empowering and enlightening others doesn’t stop there; he is a sought-after motivational speaker, having shared his insights and inspirations with numerous institutions. As one of our founding members, his blend of professional expertise, academic excellence, and charismatic outreach enriches our team’s diversity and vision.